A Couple of Days Ago...

we met up with some friends that we haven't seen in over four years. Really good people... Aerque and Hillary. Aerque was Ethan's first friend that I met that was from his growing up days. He was the best man in our wedding and he is the one friend of Ethan's that I feel that I can totally be myself with and not feel awkward or insecure (maybe that has something to do with he and I having one too many Nutty Irishman's the first time we met-we're talking college days here!). He gets me, he totally gets Ethan and now that he finally has gotten to see our little family of three, I get the feeling that he gets that part of our lives now too.

Hillary is one of the most talented photographers that I have ever met and an amazing artist as well, soft spoken and intelligent she rounds out the Que very well!

We love you two so very much, thanks for making the trip to meet up with us and we promise that we will not forget that it is now our turn to meet you half way.

Aerque said...

is that last picture a modern day laurel and hardy, or what?

Jennifer Davis said...