Had a Happy Fourth!


Really had some fun playing as a family here for our first "settled in" Fourth of July in our new hometown! So much was going on here, we were sure to take advantage of as much as possible. Here are some pictures from the parade. Zoey loved most of it, though there were a few parts that required some hands covering the ears! Couldn't quite believe just exactly how many people were in town for the holiday, thousands alone attended the parade. We had shuttle buses moving people to and from the island. It was chaos...controlled chaos, but chaos nonetheless. So fun to live here and get to take all of this in with Zoey. So fun to get to do all of this stuff with Zoey...makes me think about my childhood and memories of growing up. My fondest memory of the Fourth of July celebrations wasn't the parade, the candy or even the fireworks. What I remember most is pretending to fall asleep after the town fireworks had been set off and having my parents pick me up in the blanket (we always sat on a blanket and had snacks at a local park for the fireworks) my parents, each grabbing two corners would then walk home, swinging me the entire time. They obviously knew that I wasn't sleeping as I would always start to giggle and squirm! That's the stuff that I want Zoey to remember too. Did our best this holiday to attempt just that.
Christine said...

What wonderful pics and memories! Also wanted to let you know that you have been tagged! See my blog for details!

Anne Thompson said...

Fun pictures!