Some cool stuff about my visit with my Dad was that we also visited the college town where Ethan and I met. We were sure to stop in at several of our favorite old haunts as well, one of which was Steve's Pizza (see picture), really was so neat to see all the changes that have taken place in the community as well as taking notice that some things (Steve's) stays absolutely the same. I have so many pictures from this visit, I want to share them all! We also visited where Ethan and I were married (over four years ago now!) and my Dad took some really neat shots of Ethan, Zoey and I on the church steps and of the grounds surrounding the area...can't wait to share those too!

I've been keeping super busy it seems. Having the opportunity this summer to work at my local scrapbook store has been keeping me hopping (already worrying about not getting to work there this winter as they cut their hours for the off season) I really have enjoyed it so much and am looking forward to working there next summer as well. Two things that I've done for the store and will continue to do from home this Fall and Winter was to create the new Baker's Wife Blog as well as writing their monthly newsletter. Really have had nothing but positive feedback regarding the blog and newsletter thus far and it's been so exciting to be a part of it and to get to see the excitement of getting to take part in it from the other staff as well. A very small and tight nit group of gals (the staff) and I am so happy to be one of them! Working in such an open and creative environment has really shown me just how important it is for me to be working in/or with something (someone) that allows for that creativity within me to flow. I was reading another blog the other day and the post that interested me was regarding her having someone ask her how she finds the time to scrapbook (you can read the post here) and after reading it I just felt myself saying hmmmm, yeeesssss! I can totally relate! Many a time I've felt the awkwardness or have felt a bit silly about admitting that yes, when offered the choice of what I would like to do (almost always) I would most definitely spend my "free" time scrapping (this after of course spending time with Zoey and spending quality time with Ethan). That is my choice, and working at my lss has really empowered me in a way to feel good about that choice. Really thankful for that and for a husband that "gets" my passion and a daughter that loves stickers, paints, ribbons and papers almost as much as I do!

Another interesting opportunity that has arisen from working at the store has been my getting to meet with and work with representatives of many of some of my favorite manufacturer lines of scrapbooking products. Really has been interesting getting to see that end of things as well as getting to be a part of the ordering process for the store. And since I'm interested in the designing end of things regarding scrapping, it's gotten me thinking that there may be ways to approach possible designing opportunities within these companies down the road in the not too distant future.

And, finally...something that happened a while back but I was excited about and wanted to share was that one of my layouts was added to the Basic Grey website in their design gallery and can be viewed here. Pretty cool to be listed there on their site!
Molly said...

Still enjoying reading your blog. It's amazing as our kids age, we get more time for ourselves. It's good for you, and for your family. don't feel bad about feeding your passion. I'm sure it feeds you too. It's a good example for our kids too. (and for the rest of us) To see us happy and pursuing things we enjoy. We'd want the same for them.

Congrats on all of the happenings. John and I really enjoy your blog.