Hikes, a Picnic and Warning Lights!


Went for a hike this past Saturday outside of Sayner, Wisconsin. Really was beautiful to see the changing colors and to get some fresh air. After hiking around Pike Lake we stopped at a grocery store and got some stuff for a picnic and found a nearby park to stop at for our lunch. After that we had all sorts of excitement. Once in the car and heading for home we had the battery light come on in the car, then the ABS light came on and they continued to then flash off and on the rest of the way home. Since we had some issues with the warning lights not too long ago
we started thinking that it could be possible that it was just an electrical problem, (we actually had the mechanic that we were working with tell us not to worry about the lights that were coming on) as the car seemed to be running just fine, (other than the dash lights going crazy). We were able to drive and make some stops throughout the weekend until Sunday afternoon (when I was at work - of course!). Ethan was going to run some errands with Zoey and backed up out of our drive and heard a terrible grinding noise, this time in addition to the warning lights going bonkers. So, long story short...I got in a 5+ mile walk last night after work walking home! Actually felt pretty good, but I'm thinking that it might not be such a fun walk once the weather really starts to turn here.

Seems like it's always something, just a month ago we got the brakes replaced and had our big "winter is approaching" car check-up...hoping that today we'll hear that it is something relatively easy to fix (as well as somewhat easy on the checkbook!). Stuff like this always happens right before anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. Oh my Dad would say, "It's just a machine and machines are known to break." I'm sure that Ethan appreciates me quoting my Dad on this one! [Insert a tad bit of sarcasm here along with a smile of course!]

One thing that's priceless though is that picture of Zoey in her throwing-rocks-in-the-lake pose! Gotta smile at that!
Aerque said...

sounds to me like its the dome light. Gotta get that looked at.

I know this happens right before Ethan's and my respective birthdays. I'll excuse you for not sending any cookies since you have to have your dome light checked out.

Jennifer Davis said...

Oh Aerque! Are you sure that it's not YOUR dome light that needs to be checked! ;) Thanks for the smile and don't say?

Aerque said...

i'm sure it's not my dome light.

Water pump just went in my car. Now it's immobile in the driveway. Since i'm living in the south I feel like it should be immobile on the front lawn. That way we could fit in with our neighbors.

Jennifer Davis said...

I guess I wasn't thinking along the lines of the dome light in your CAR! ;)

And, don't worry about fitting in with the neighbors...I'm sure that that will never be an issue for you!

Essie said...

Hope they can fix your car soon. ood luck with that. The pic of your little girl by the lake is so funny. Love, es

Mika said...

Great blog. Mika