Mini Art Journal Journey - Week Thirty-Six


Just a quick post showing this week's interpretation of the prompt: Life is Beautiful for Em's challenge. It truly is and I am so thankful for so much every day, and like I stated on the card, unfortunately there are some days that creep in every once in a while where I have to really make a choice to see that yes, my life is beautiful. The messy and uneven stitching is to represent the unraveling of life and it's imperfections. If I pick apart all the little imperfections and analyze and choose to only concentrate on those little moments and instances that I am unhappy with, then I'll get stuck there and miss out on seeing the beauty of the whole picture. Something that I've been guilty of, and I am sure that I will encounter and be guilty of again, but now that it's written down perhaps more often I'll be more aware and will remember all that I have to be thankful for.
Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments:) I love yours too, love that stitching and the unsecured end.

Marjolein said... that stitching and what it represents! Great card!!

milkcan said...

Absolutely beautiful!