Not sure why...(Total Random Post)

but I am never happy with my new blog banner and always seem to change it back to this one! Maybe it's that I like the black & white, but whatever it is I guess that I will just be okay with sticking to something that works for me.

This morning I watched a friend's little boy while she went to a dr.'s appointment and ran some errands. It was nice for Zoey to pal around with her buddy for a bit today and it was nice for me to know that I have someone that considers me close enough of a friend to do babysitting swaps. This gal really has made an effort to reach out to me since moving here and I am ever so thankful. So awesome to have connections that are based on respect, genuine interest and, well..needs. It's nice to be able to tell another person that you are in need and then ask if they can help without feeling guilty. I haven't had that in a long, long time and I am ever so appreciative now that it's here.

After lunch and our morning of play we headed over to my lss where I took some pictures that I'll use to update their blog on upcoming classes that they will be hosting later this September. I then came home and got the itch to do some rearranging and moved some stuff around in our kitchen (apparently I can accept change when in my home, just not my blog!) and really like how it looks now. More spacious and open..hoping that Ethan likes it when he sees it.

Zoesie and I (mostly me) have been listening to some of my old mixed tapes lately (of these I have a TON). I went through a phase in college where I made tapes for myself, my friends, everyone and anyone that I could think of...many a night you could find me sitting in front of my antique stereo (not in an expensive/cool antique way, but in an "you still have that thing and it still plays music" kind of way antique) and I'd be rewinding and fast-forwarding songs and hitting the good old record button and making my own one of a kind jenny mixes. I loved getting mixed tapes as well and came across one yesterday that was made by a good friend Heidi. So cool that after listening to it I remembered moments spent together, conversations shared and those crazy, fun, good old days of just being silly and fun. Here's to my pal Heidi and to Joleen and Cherity who were my patient and enduring friends' and roommates' at the time of my mad mixed tape creation phase! Love you guys and miss you! This one's for you and to all my pals along the way that have gotten lost in the shuffle of life.

Funny how at different times in the year you think of people and are more apt to recall certain memories more so than others. This time of the year always makes me think of my college days, the friendships that were made there, meeting Ethan for the first time and how our relationship started and grew...and nowI have thoughts on how we are here, a family of three living in the northwoods in a cabin (with running water this time-another story for another time!) and we are parents to a beautiful and healthy little girl. We've come through so much to get here, some things we passed through with flying colors and other things we failed miserably at, but we are here, now and together. Something that I am very happy about and have chosen to be thankful daily for over and over.
Molly said...

Thanks babe for letting us in a little. I loved it. You're a cool woman, mother, artist, individual, etc. (I even teared up a little.) Such a cool time we live in. Such a cool form of expression, these blogs of ours.

Jennifer Davis said...

Thanks Molly! Your comment made my day, and you too are an awesome individual, I must say! =) And, your husband's photos are amazing! Wow, what talent!