Zoo Boo!


Yesterday we went to the First Annual Zoo Boo. What a treat that was! So much fun, we all had a blast and it was even cooler because it was Ethan's birthday too. Saw some of Zoesie's buddies there too, so cool to see her light up whenever she sees them. We all had fun checking out the animals, Zoesie got to pet a skunk, a huge rabbit, and a weasel to mention a few things, we saw goats, deer, numerous birds, bears, jaguars, a red fox, a tiger and many other animals. All of this in addition to the many walking zombies, ghosts, witches and trolls....yes trolls, in the water as we were walking out. And candy, how could I forget, lots of candy of course! Pretty darn cool! I cannot wait for Halloween! (If you want to view the individual thumbnails at a bigger size you can click on a picture to enlarge!)
Molly said...

She looks so cute. I can't wait to get the kids dressed up too. After we get better of course.

Anne Thompson said...

Sounds like fun! I love the pic mosaic!