When Feeling Stressed...


I tend to bake! These are some pumpkin muffins with nothing other than cream cheese frosting which has then been adorned with walnuts.
Things have been a bit tense here lately, I've got to come up with a MOP's project at the last minute due to some rearranging of speakers for the next meeting. Leaving me only two weeks to come up with something for twenty women to do. My design team commitments are quickly approaching for My Kit's and Pieces (which I am very excited about!) and I want to get them done and in before Thanksgiving if possible so that I can enjoy time with family without having that cloud of anxiety over my head of things that I need to do. We've been having issues with our heat. We've already had the heating guys over twice and while they are nice and all, I feel like I'm getting to know them a bit too well. Really, we think that the furnace is fixed now, it's just stressful to have to deal with stuff like that unexpectedly, especially after thinking that you had it all checked over and everything is well and working. Such is life though right? Also, now I am sitting here waiting for a call from Zoey's doctor because she is now on her third week of having a pretty brutal cold. She's still pretty spunky for being under the weather but I just want the little peanut better!
So...we now have pumpkin muffins. We'll see how that bodes for all of us here over the weekend!
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Molly said...

I am feeling the same way. I'll be wishing some of that stress zoomed from your home and some from mine as well. Maybe it's the season approaching. Who knows. It's definitely the ebb and flow.

Love and calm as a wish for your household! (and if only I could eat my computer screen!)

Barb said...

I do that, too. . . bake when stressed.

They are very cute and I'm sure they were tasty, too.