Christmas is Coming!


Getting pretty excited here lately about Christmas! Zoey and I went to a special holiday party geared for preschoolers yesterday and had a blast! Lot of games, stories, songs, snacks and a goodie bag for each child was given at the end. Just another little thing that the community puts on, but it really is enjoyed and appreciated by Zoey and I am so thankful that we were able to make it this year.

Things are winding down a bit as far as all our outside responsibilites and now we can concentrate more on baking for our family, wrapping gifts and putting the finishing touches here and there on certain projects that need finishing. Such as painting a wooden cradle that is sitting in the basement which will make it's debut to one special girl on Christmas morning! I loooooove Christmas, and I am discovering that I truly enjoy the busyness of the season when it is the kind of busy that is made up of helping others, creating for others, and just thinking beyond ourselves and our immediate needs for a bit. It is so easy to think that we need to do this and we need to do that and to just do the tasks and cross them off as we go not giving another thought to the matter. I have to admit that in the past I have been easily overwhelmed and often start getting a bit grumpy when that list gets too long. I've been trying really hard this year to really be in the moment and to pay special attention as I am going along and have been enjoying all the to-do's a bit more because of it.

One thing too that I wanted to mention was my excitement on finding this child friendly nativity scene. We were at an antique store shopping with my mom when she was visiting and Zoey saw a nativity scene and wanted to know if she could bring home baby Jesus. We have a nativity scene but haven't set it out because it's fragile and we have nowhere really to put it out beyond Zoey's reach. This one at the antique store was little and not breakable but the paint had me worried (possible lead) so I told Zoey that we would look for another baby Jesus and if we found one that looked to be safe we would get it for her. The rest of the day, everywhere we went, Zoey asked the clerk or store-keeper if they had baby Jesus. We quickly had the thought to check out a local christian bookstore and we found this amazing interactive kid-friendly nativity scene put out by Family Life Publishing. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, my mom, Zoey or I once we were home and able to open it up. Included in the kit is a book that goes through each of the key individuals (Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Shepard and Wise men), and when you read about each one the child then gets to open one of the 7 boxes included (which are numbered corresponding to the individual being introduced in the book). So Zoey would open the little box with Gabriel inside while I was reading about Gabriel, etc. It was so awesome to see her so excited, her hands trembling and just waiting for the okay to go ahead and open the next box. Finally, at the end of the story you are asked to think about what it is that God wants for Christmas and you are able to open the final box (#7) and you find that it is empty. Zoey held it up to get a better look, and found herself! The box has a mirror in the bottom so that whomever opens it will see themselves. So very cool. So now she knows the story and gets to play with baby Jesus whenever she wants.

Our last MOP'S meeting they colored angels (which she is holding in the above pictures) and she handed it to me after the meeting and said "I made Gabriel today mama." (Sigh). Sometimes I feel there are moments in my life that could not be filled with even just an ounce more of love and then they are.
Essie said...

Hi, your little girl looks o sweet and cute. Have a wonderful X mas! Lots of love, es

Molly said...

I'm glad you enjoy the holidays. Maybe some of your cheer will rub off on me.

Have a great holiday jen.

Teresa said...

Your Daughter is cute! thanks for the coments
Happy Holidays!

Samantha said...

Cute story and great pics :) Zooey is absolutely adorable. I hope you have a merry Christmas!!