Fun Class - Star Album!

It was a success! Our "Mom's Night Out" was lots of fun and now I feel good about officially "teaching" a class. I only had a minor little mix-up of measurements on my instruction sheets that I had made up that was quickly figured out (good thing all these gals are my friends and thus were totally understanding)! Really a good time, and it was so nice to just be out for a bit without the kiddos. We made a Star Album, which could make for a cute little display of photos on a coffee table once opened. Some of the papers used in mine were from the April kit "A Walk in the Park" at Kits & Pieces this month.

Bobbi said...

You go girl!!!! Congrats on the class-wish I could have been there!!!!! and you are all over those star albums!!!!!

way to go!!!


p.s. I can't get the MB to work this morning??

Karalenn Hippen said...

What a great little album. I LOVE IT! Yours turned out so great and it looks like so much fun. I was thinking about you from way back when I use to do Emily's challenges and wanted to see what you've been up do. :)

Anne Thompson said...

Good job lady!! That's so awesome that you taught the class. I taught a class a couple times a few years ago, and it's def. something I would like to do in the future when my girlies are in school. The star album is so cool.

Molly said...

Is one of you're friends name Heather? I totally recognized one of the girls. I may be wrong but she looks so similar.

Chanda said...

Oh - great blog! I'll be stopping by again.

Thanks for your comment on mine. How could I have forgotten The Neverending Story?! A definite classic. That wolf always freaked me out.