Bugs, Birthdays and Two Kinds of Cake...


The summer reading program's theme here this summer is "Bugs." We were given all sorts of materials and were to make our own bug and this is what Zoey and I ended up with. She came up with all the ideas for where it was that she wanted everything to go and I pretty much just helped with a bit of the glueing. We're both pretty proud of how it turned out and are looking forward to seeing it on display at the public library. Among all the activities bug related is a bug dance party which is tomorrow and it's the "Ants in Your Pants Dance." We'll be hitting that up tomorrow for sure and you can't beat that it just so happens to be Zoey's birthday tomorrow too! What a way to start one's birthday but to get to dance at a bug dance party! As far as celebrating is concerned for the big day, we'll just be having a small little family birthday here at home later tomorrow and then early next week we'll be having Zoey's buddies over for a little party with games, some craft projects and a small lunch with of course some birthday cake and ice cream. I'm hoping to get everything for that wrapped up this week.
Regarding the second kind of cake...I'm thrilled to be the latest designer for! I'll be creating with their July kit soon and will share those projects early next month. Be sure to check out their kits (current as well as previous) as they are jam packed with patterned papers (my number one weakness!) and Maria, the owner, really knows how to coordinate some fun stuff for creating a large variety of projects.