Happy Father's Day!


It just so happens that Father's Day is an even more special time around was this week, approximately four years ago that our little babe was born. I remember thinking to myself how fun it was going to be to wish Ethan a "Happy Father's Day" after Zoey was born. I remember both of us being so anxious, nervous and worried throughout the pregnancy. I remember how after she was born he (and I) were so proud and amazed. How he would tell everyone about his new baby girl. And now, some four years later and after many long nights and sometimes even longer days...he still does the same thing...shares all of her achievements and delights in all of her discoveries. Love that I get to be a parent with this man and that we've gotten to get the hang of the ropes of this crazy thing we call parenting together. Happy Father's Day Ethan!
Tobey said...

Hey Jennifer!! See I do check your blog!! Just wanting to say hope you are enjoying your family time on Father's Day....and celebrating Zoey's 4th birthday!! WOW!! they grow so fast!!