This week's challenge over at 4SS was to choose some lyrics from the song I'm Letting Go by Francesca Battistelli and create a layout around it. I chose "this is a giant leap of faith" from the song for mine and journaled a bit about how it is that I've chosen to live my life on a daily basis (and trust me there are times I fail to honor this choice!) and how to make a conscious decision to do so sometimes truly feels as though it is a giant leap of faith. For so many reasons. The photo challenge this week was to take a photo of something that's special to us. I really had to think about this one...I thought of my grandmother's quilts that she's made me, a picture I have of my mom and I after I was just born, an old secretary desk that my dad gave me that was brought over by his grandfather from India.

The one thing though that I ended up taking a photo of was a book that I have titled Worldwide Laws of Life by Sir John Templeton which was given to me by my dad when I graduated high school. It's moved with me now close to a dozen times, it's been through many relationships, friendships, job changes. It's been a guide, a point of reference, a tool. It's been lent out to the people that I care about the most. It's been returned. It has notes written in the margins and entire pages turned down. Somewhere along the way I lost the glossy, pretty book cover that adorned it's binding when I first recieved it. It is an amazing book and when I'm sad, when I feel lost, when I need inspiration or when I just need to sit down and take a moment to think or reflect, this is the book that I pick up. The inscription that my dad wrote on the inside cover reads: Here are some rules for the road...not to live by...but to compare your own rules of the road that are springing now from your own heart - I love you! Dad

Loved this challenge, love this book, love my dad.
Nathalie Kalbach said...

such a gorgeous layout and what a treasure that book is!