Narratives Easel Albums (by Karen Russell)...

are starting to ship and are even available for purchase already in some places! These albums (which were one of the super hot items at CHA this year) are a mix of scalloped transparencies, frames, journaling cards and pockets with a built in easel on the back.

Be sure to check them out at the places listed below as these are going to go fast!

A Million Memories
Create My Keepsake
Right At Home Scrapbooking (easels are listed on the side-bar on the right)

And, I thought that I would share an inspirational quote that my friend Cheryl shared on her blog today:

"Much of the stress that people feel does not come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they started."

I know that this rings true for me sometimes and that I constantly have to pull myself back and deal with the task that is directly in front of me so that I can keep moving forward, or sometimes I even just have to re-evaluate my list of "tasks" and perhaps have to cross one of two off the list completely.

If you are willing, share a goal or something that motivates you in her comments section here and you will be entered to win an awesome RAK of goodies from Creative Imaginations! Good luck!
DebW said...

I do have a goal I recently accomplished with the help and wisdom of my friend Lisa Pace. I almost had a melt down from the stress of trying to finish my MMM '09 entry. I worried about creating "what they wanted to see" until Lisa said "just let it come from the heart." And then it happened-ideas flowed like crazy and I finished 3 LO's in 2 days (working in between!). Win or lose, for me it was a big goal accomplished!

Kim Watson said...

The albums look so cute....I love the colours.
Thanks for the inspirational tip....Cheryl is so right. I am off to visit her blog.

Martha said...

That's definitely me....I love doing stuff, but rarely finish. I just saw a pole last week in Yellow Springs, OH...of bits of partially knit pieces. If you want to see some:
My style!

Anne Thompson said...

Those albums look awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with them! Love the quote too!

lisatoronto said...

thanks for visiting my blog, Jen! Love yours, too-- I've subscribed you to my google reader. :)