Outdoor Art Projects...

Yesterday Zoey and I loaded up our art supplies and took them outside. We searched for some little bits of nature (pinecones, leaves, tree bark, etc) and incorporated them into our art projects as well. I had brought out some of her magazines and we cut out some animal pictures and then glued them on to some of her pages. I got the idea for these "Messy Books" from Emily's article here. It was fun to do something that we normally do and to just change the scenery up a bit. Made it more exciting. I think that Zoey liked packing up all the things that we may have "needed" for the project outside (she kept throwing more and more things in the basket) more than we needed for actually working on her projects, but hey...the important thing was that we both did enjoy ourselves.

Here are some of her works of art:

And, like mother like daughter:

hopefully I'll be able to share some Zoey photos with you all soon as well!
Nathalie Kalbach said...

so much fun - she is stepping right into your foot steps :-)

Martha said...

She's so cute. My niece has that camera, those things are a GREAT present for young children!

Kim Watson said...

What a great both must have had fabulous time together...creating & bonding.
Perfect pic of Zoey with her camera....amo for a 'in the genes' L.O I think :o)