Do You Remember?


I think that one of the best things about having a child is that we are reminded of the pure joy of what it means to be child-like again. Through Zoey and her play I am reminded of the delight of things like making soup for the animals outdoors out of pine cones and leaves. I am reminded of the smell of early Autumn...the smell that is of flushed cheeks and dirty fingernails, the one that consists of the sweat of determined play, organic in it's very make up. Do you recall screaming with delight at being chased between trees at dusk? Do you remember getting a wet bum and not caring in the slightest? The asking of one more minute of play before it was time for a bath?

We've been collecting little bits here lately. Leaves, pine cones, acorns. We have chipmunks (an abundance actually) that live in our front yard and they have so kindly tunneled several places here and there and the other day Zoey had the idea that we should help them gather food for the we did. She placed the acorns at the top of each little hole (of their tunnels) and sent them on down, one by one. Being extremely diplomatic in her distribution of acorns as to be fair.

I still remember the first time when I truly questioned if there was indeed a God. I don't know why I am thinking this here and now while I am sitting here thinking about Zoey and play, but I am. I was in third grade and I was with my friend Lynnae. We were across the street from my house lying in the lawn of our church and it was approaching dusk. It was early Fall. We had been playing and running and were tired and hot but chilled from the coolness of the changing temperatures. We were looking up at the clouds and were quiet and then one of us asked (I can't remember who) if the other thought there was really a God. If he/she really could exist. Did exist. I remember feeling brazen and a bit bold at having this conversation right outside of our church. I remember seriously contemplating it too. I wonder if we all question and come to terms with this idea at an early age or if some never do. Question, that is. I know that for me, I have come across this very process of thinking and line of questioning so very often in my life since that very first time with Lynnae.

I want Zoey to ask and to wonder. I want her to know that in continuously questioning she will be guided to her own idea of what is reason or truth or discover that perhaps reason doesn't even fit into the equation at all. I want her to trust herself with her own answers and to know that in her life, at all the different points and junctures that there will be, those answers are most likely the right answers for her to have at those given times. I want her to know to not even have an answer is alright even.

I hope that when or if the time comes that she does wonder aloud, that there will be no one there to tell her a definite answer...that they leave it for her to decide.
Anonymous said...

love how this post took me back to childhood...a good place to go now & then! :)

Marie Starr said...

Great post! Beautifully written. It is so uplifting, it should be submitted in Guidepost or Reader's Digest magazine. REALLY!!



Lisa Dorsey said...

I just love this post! We need to constantly be reminded to think like children, don't we? Thanks for sharing this!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

oh my - your writing is so touching and beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

So much marvel is watching a child play! I want to always keep some of that!

Sudie said...

Thanks for sharing your gift with us. beautiful and uplifting.

denine zielinski said...

WOW! Your words are great journaling for a layout! The pics are wonderful!

Kim Watson said...

What an amazing post! You certainly have a way with words :o)

I agree I love watching my son play too, especially if he doesn't know I'm there. Their creativity astounds Zoey wanting to help the chipmunks.

Anonymous said...

You need to submit this for your MOPS newsletter ;) And I love how you edited those photos-- they look vintage.