Little Bits


The last time that I was at my dad's house he let me go through some things that had been tucked away for some time now. Pictures, old letters, newspaper clippings, things that I had made when I was little. All this time I hadn't even known that he had kept these little bits and pieces of our life and I was thrilled to sit down next to him on the floor and go through everything and remember and recall and for some things ask questions and hear stories. My parents have since divorced and I've since come to peace with that. This is a photo of my mom that was in our local newspaper when my parents were young and first together. She was a weaver and my dad was (and still is) an artist (painter). Looking at this old photo I see such a beautiful and free spirit. Someone who had so many ideas and hopes for a full future. Someone intent on being who she was. Someone a bit like me perhaps. Just made me think about how as a teenager and in my early twenties I was so intent on breaking any and all ties that I had to my mother, showing her that I was so different than she and now here at age 30 I see that we have more and more in common every day. I just had to wait a bit so that I could look back and be able to see her from a different perspective perhaps.
Martha said...

Your mom is beautiful, I can see that you resemble her... How sweet that he kept so many bits for you to treasure! I'm not surprised you have two artist (weaver and painter) parents!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

what a wonderful wonderful memory!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun find Jen...and so cool that you got both of your parent's creative gene :)