Deep Breath...Exhale.


In other words, I've decided that I cannot NOT say anything. For the past several weeks there have been times while driving Zoey somewhere in the car or while standing at the sink washing dishes where I find myself thinking about the current state of our economy, the way the world is today and the way it is that we struggle as a family to make our way through the day to day. For the past several months there has been a fist in my stomach...always clenched and unforgiving. While I spend alot of my time making note of how thankful I am for all that we have and for having "just enough," that "just enough" is there because of the tight reigns that Ethan and I keep when it comes to our livelihood and what is that is coming into our family vs. what is going out. I'm not just talking financial goods here. The stock that we keep and choose to inventory is that which pertains to our marriage, our family, Zoey, education, the food choices that we make or that are readily available and the day to day sacrifices that are faced and dealt with as needed. We have friends and family that are losing jobs, that are facing the challenges of keeping a home, or getting health insurance coverage....or just simply keeping that coverage.

I know that all this is my business and what someone else believes in is theirs. But this blog is mine and an extension of who I am and what I believe and I've come to the conclusion that I want to share what it is that I believe regarding tomorrow's election just in case it may change or perhaps better help inform someone else who may not know yet what direction it is that they want this country to move in.

I am voting for Barack Obama for President tomorrow...actually, I already did by way of absentee ballot this past week. Most of the reasons of why it is that this is my choice pertain to what it would mean directly for my family and mostly for our daughter if Barack Obama was in office serving as President. As well as what it would mean for eduction, our economy, world view, alternative energy sources (to read a fellow bloggers testament regarding our earth and it's care check out one of No Impact Man's recent posts here), and health care. His platform on the arts is one that is of a more personal interest to me and I am impressed that it is as thorough as it is. One of the things that strikes me most about Barack Obama is his ability to communicate and to communicate well. His obvious care and concern comes across in his thorough approach to sharing information regarding all of the issues and sharing it in a way that empowers others, that is something new and something that I feel is greatly needed and desired by many. I also appreciate it when someone can come out and say that they will listen even while disagreeing, and then you actually witness them doing so. I believe that we as a Nation deserve to be heard. We deserve to be supported in a way that will allow for growth. Growth for those people who are honest and working hard.

To learn more about Barack Obama's position on all of the issues, please click here. To find out where it is that you can vote in your community please click here.

This is such an important time in history and I truly believe that we the people are the ones that are responsible for the change it is that we want to see in this world. Whatever that change means for you. It is your right to vote and to have the opportunity to make a difference. For me, I see that opportunity for change and for making a difference that will matter for my family and most of all for my daughter with voting for Barack Obama.
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I tried to comment this morning but the internet was reacting weird. Thank you so much for your post- I love it! We Europeans are pretty excited about this election as well!