Early Morning Gratitudes...

First Snow 2008

A list:

  • waking up to discover a blanket of snow and fluffy, fat snowflakes falling from the sky

  • getting to share the news with Zoey and watching her fly from her bed and then promptly park herself at the glass double doors so she could watch up-close the beauty that was taking place right around her on this late October morning

  • discovering my own giddy excitement that always comes with the first snow

  • thinking about upcoming holidays and how I want to celebrate them with intention and purpose

  • looking forward to Ethan's family coming to visit this coming weekend...I am really, really excited!

  • speaking with my mom this morning on the phone after dropping Zoey off to school, and having a very nice conversation

  • thinking about how lucky it is and how grateful I am that I get to drop Zoey off at school...that I'm not off working somewhere and leaving it to someone else

  • appreciating a warm cup of coffee that was made for me earlier this a.m. by a man that I love very much

  • thankful for a morning smile and kiss from aforementioned "man" before he left for a day of work

  • discovering last night that this fabric exists and is for sale:

(this is the reason that I called my mom early this morning, specifically asking if she would make something for Zoey for Christmas using this fabric...and of course she said yes! Zoey is going to be tickled pink, she just adores her "Veggies!")

  • also discovering that there are actual Veggie Tale toys that exist that are for sale...not sure how it is that we could have missed this but we did. super thrilled though because I'm thinking that it will make for a very fun Christmas and one very surprised and happy little girl

  • looking forward to an invitation to a playdate tomorrow with a new friend (for both Zoey and I)

  • afternoon dance class with Zoey this afternoon...knowing that this is something that she loves and looks forward to and that is an opportunity (one of many) that is being given to her by her grandparents (Ethan's family), and for some reason I am even looking forward to going out there even more today now that it's snowing, will make for an all the more magical place I think

  • taking note of this feeling that I have right now of just an overall and general thankfulness for all the little things that are happening daily for us right now and tucking this feeling away somewhere safe so that I can return and remember and take care
Anonymous said...

Okay...I have to say I am completely jealous over your snow!!! Can't wait until we get a blanket of snow around here :)

Andrea Amu said...

I don't want snow here... yet! Please keep it there with you all til Christmas :)

Nathalie Kalbach said...

it is snowing already??? Wowsers!!!! Have a gorgeous day!

Linda Beeson said...

Oh how I love that photo!!! You captured it amazingly!

vtpuggirl said...

Such a beautiful post, I've been feeling sentimental too.

Martha said...

Oh, how I love snow. We had our first frost last week and it's gotten very chilly here, but it's supposed to warm up again later in the week.

Suzanne Webb said...

Such a beautiful photo...snow already! We had a dusting at just slightly higher elevations last week.
Love reading your beautiful gratitudes, they make me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and gratitudes, they make me smile :)

Lisa Dorsey said...

That is such a fabulous list! Not sure I am ready for snow yet though! We love Veggie Tales here too. :)

Susan Beth said...

Beautiful photo of the snow! We out grew veggies a couple of years ago, but totally love them in general! So glad they make your little one happy!

... said...

Snow? wow! cute fabric

Anonymous said...

Such a fabulous list of things to be thankful for. I can't wrap my head around the snow WOW how crazy. have a good day :)

Anonymous said...

I love snow too!!! It is so magical.
That veggie fabric is ekkkkky cute!

Kim Watson said...

Beautiful photo, especially with those red leaves in the foreground. Aren't veggie tales the best...our kids love them too. They are a great way to expose them to the gospel in a fun way.

Lovely post!