Fun Photo Friday

weekinthelife 033

She's got the moves...

weekinthelife 035

and the t-shirt to go with them. Yep, that's Ethan's old Star Wars t-shirt that he wore when he was about Zoey's age.

weekinthelife 045

Things on my "To Do" list include:

- Send out layout to Simple Scrapbooks
- Submit monthly order to CI
- Get started on Zoey's Halloween costume (she wants to be WALL-E)
- Finish necklace for special order
- plan project for upcoming MOP's Meeting
- finish up layouts for Scrapbook Circle and upload
- finish reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (and start the next one in the series - yep, I'm hooked!)
- plan what I'm going to do for E's birthday this year
- pay bills
- balance checkbook
- plan weekly meals
- laundry
Rachael said...

She's so cute! I love the little tongue sticking out!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

oh so cute! Love the pix! Have a great friday!

renee said...

Great pix!

Susan Beth said...

If that was your to do list for just one day I am way intimidated! Wow! How'd ya do? Great pictures.

Cynthia said...

She's darling! Great pictures.

Tobey said...

great photos as always Jen!! I love catching up with you!!! You take such wonderful photos....Zoey has grown so much since we first "met"!! She is darling!!

don't you love Twilight???? I am sooo hooked!! LOL! I have read them all several times!! Isn't Edward dreamy??? Did you see the new trailer out yesterday??? I so can't wait for the movie!! LOL