Making Sure... (after school on a Wednesday)

she knows that there is a place she can go where all she will hear are her own thoughts and the songs that she sings. It's a good reminder for me as well...



I love it that we can do this. That I can swoop her up and take her somewhere that is so pure and untouched.




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today 024

It reminds me so much of growing up along the Mississippi River and how often it was that I would walk out along the rocky piers to the point where I knew that I wasn't visible to anyone in town, most of all to my parents. There is something about the water that pulls me into a place of calm, understanding and acceptance. I remember times when I was angry, confused or sad as a teenager and it was always there by the water that I would find myself.

today 031

October - Self Portrait

I'm glad that I can share this new place with Zoey here and now and hope that she is able to find the same comfort that was afforded to me when I was young and even now still.


And our little prize for the day was discovering this little family of mushrooms...aren't they adorable?

Nathalie Kalbach said...

ooohhh my goodness your photos are amazing!!!!

Kim Watson said...

I 'ditto' nat...your photo's are so beautiful & clear. Are you using a fancy lens & actions?

Anonymous said...

Can I ditto nat too!

so special that you have a quiet spot to go to. Your a wondeful mom.