My Favorite Season...

  • getting to witness the leaves changing colors
  • leaf piles
  • cold cheeks after playing outside with Zoey
  • the smell of woodstoves burning
  • evening walks
  • weekend hikes
  • drinking hot tea on the porch
  • discovering my love of reading again
  • carving jack-o-lanterns
  • cranberry scented candles
  • pulling out all my old favorite sweaters again
  • wearing hand knit scarves by my mum
  • baking (anything with apples, pumpkin and/or cranberry)
  • pumpkin pie ice cream (though nothing beats handmade pumpkin ice cream)
  • a family outing to attend the Zoo Boo
  • sharing the excitement that is Halloween with Zoey
  • taking part in little kid crafts (leaf window decorations are especially fun)
  • helping to put together Zoey's Halloween costume
  • going to the Farmer's Market and getting to purchase Honey Crisp apples again

These are just a few reasons that make this season my absolute favorite...

... said...

Def. my fav. season too :)

Stacey Michaud said...

I am soo with you on fall being the best season. I got married in the fall 5 years ago because I adore pumpkins, colored leaves, all of it!! Love all you latest projects by the way!

Jennifer Yates said...

Okay you totally have me in the "fall" mood! I wish we had better season in Texas...still so hot!

Martha said...

I love baking...after a hot summer (we don't have central air, so the oven is rarely on) it's nice to BAKE, again! Each season I greet the expected change with joy!!!

Jenn said...

I am with ya on lovin fall! It is my favorite season! I am also loving your journal!

Deb G said...

Thanks for your kind words about my blog. :)

Really like your list, and your photo. I'd add being able to see the stars again without having to stay up past my bedtime!

Kim Watson said...

I love the transition into each season...just as you are about to go nuts...the new season pops her head up. God's perfect timing :o)

I love the colours & smells of rich. We don't celebrate halloween, that means we don't get to see the pumpkins & costumes. I get to watch it from afar through everyone's blogs tho' :o)

DebW said...

I love to read about how much people love the fall. I love how pretty it is but I am so a warm weather person!

Shirley said...

Wish we had the 4 seasons here too. It's like a sauna here all year round! Definately makes me long for the coolness of fall!

Anonymous said...


it is so my favorite time of year also.