Zoey -Winter 2008

what is going on with Blogger today? I just spent way too much time writing a fun post on my and Ethan's "wish list" for Christmas this year only to have it eaten up and lost somewhere. Arghhhh! I'm taking it to mean that I am to be outside playing in the snow with Zoey and not be thinking about such material goods!

Zoey - Winter 2008

Hope you make time for playing in the snow too!
Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thought. Time with family and friends is worth more than material things. I also try to teach this to my boys by doing fun things together and playing games but some of my favorite times are playing in the snow also, Looks like Zoey really enjoys the snow.

Nathalie Kalbach said...

wowww- you have so much snow???? Awesome. We never have snow ( just snowing and then it is away half an hour after it started here in the city) - and I miss it. Love those fun photos!

Kim Watson said...

Beautiful snow photo's....reminds me of our trip to Canada last year. Here is is 35degrees's that for contrast :o)