Time Together

Yesterday was the one day this week that Zoey was home with me all day and neither of us had something else scheduled that meant we had to leave and be somewhere at a certain time. We spent the day at home making holiday ornaments that will be gifts for her classmates at school, her teacher's (dance and Pre-k) and for her grandparents. We really got a lot accomplished, more than I think I thought was possible and had fun in the process. It was fun to be together listening to Christmas music, having the tree lights on and and getting to see the snow fall outside. Hoping for another one of those days to come along our way real soon.

We're all getting excited here for the holiday's (I absolutely love this time of year) and are looking forward to some time together with family and friends. Hoping that we'll get just a bit more snow so that we can all go cross-country skiing (a friend just gave Zoey some hand-me-down ski's that belonged to their daughter when they were Z's age and all the boots for the ages that are to follow! His daughter is now in college and he had no one else to pass them on to, we are so grateful and can hardly believe it!) I'm planning on making a pot of chili and baking some corn bread that will be dinner for tonight. It's the perfect kind of day (bitter and cold) for a nice, warm bowl of chili.

I am almost done I think with Zoey's Christmas shopping. I'm really excited about her gifts this year, I think we've (along with the help of Santa of course!) found some things that are sure to be a hit with her. A place that I absolutely love to purchase things from is Willow Tree Toys, they have such quality made things and they are all things that require the use of the child's imagination in their play which is something so important to both Ethan and I.

I've had a couple big thing's that I've been anxiously waiting to get through and the biggie's now have been crossed off my list. I had been asked by the Director of our Public Library to create some holiday themed craft make-n-takes that would be suitable for kid's that will then be a part of their holiday open house this weekend and that is now done and delivered. I also had to be part of the shooting of a commercial for the studio that I work for and thankfully that is now done and over with now too! Talk about something a tad bit stessful...this is actually the second one that we've done now and the difference with this last taping was that I (and everyone else) had lines to memorize and say while looking into the camera (the previous one we just were in the background working). Ack...hoping that we don't need to re-shoot and that that is indeed done and crossed off my list of things to do! Now the things (I think) that are left are:

  • MOP's craft project for next meeting
  • finishing up Zoey's gift/projects that will be for family/friends
  • holiday baking
  • shopping for Ethan and extended family
  • Christmas cards
  • Creative Imaginations assignments
  • wrapping

And for some sound advice and some holiday stress relievers, check out this article by Carrie Carter titled Holiday Stress Busters that I found on the MOP's website. Her last point of "being in the moment as much as possible" is something that I am trying my best to work on this year....that and remembering what it is that this holiday is really all about.

Unknown said...

Mmmm, chili & cornbread :) It's cold here, too, with snow. Your daughter is precious.

Martha said...

It's only Dec. 5th...3 more weeks. Enjoy the time until Christmas!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

loving the song! Chili and cornbread- ohhhhyes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! I'd love to see the projects you came up with for the libary!
I have an award for you on my blog if your interested!:)

Anonymous said...

OH!!! And I love the song with the crafty video! Perfect!

vtpuggirl said...

I wish we had some snow. We have the bitter cold, but that's no fun at all. Sounds like a wonderful time! I'm going to check out the toy site.

denine zielinski said...

Sounds like things are moving along pretty good for Christmas...wish I could say the same! Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Good luck getting all your items on your "do-do" list checked off.

Enjoy your weekend!

Susan Beth said...

Your day of music and projects and being together with your little girl sounds so wonderful!

I left you a little message on my blog - something nice because your blog is nice!