Little Treasures


I recently discovered Liz Lamoreux's Etsy favorite pendant of hers is the one above and it's a really good mantra I think to have. Right now her apron's are on sale as well. I absolutely adore this task apron and the patchwork design of it, it reminds me of my grandmother's quilting a bit.

These Wobbly Plates make me smile from Brigitte Bouquet's Etsy Shop, and they come in many shapes and sizes as well as many different colors.

Rebecca Sower's Hodge Podge Dictionary Journal is just lovely...but then again, I love all of her creations.

This prayer (below) written by George Macdonald I consider to be a treasure (from the book, The Diary of an Old Soul). A framed print of this prayer was given to Ethan and I after we married and it hangs in our bathroom. I find that I look at it and read it every morning without even really making a point to. I love the broken-ness of the text and how it forces me to think and re-think about what it is that is being said. After researching it a bit more this morning online, I discovered that this prayer is an excerpt taken from the month of January in the book (the book is sectioned into months of the year). I am adding the book to my list of books to purchase.

Sometimes, hard-trying, it seems I cannot pray--For doubt, and pain, and anger, and all strife.Yet some poor half-fledged prayer-bird from the nestMay fall, flit, fly, perch--crouch in the bowery breastOf the large, nation-healing tree of life;--Moveless there sit through all the burning day,And on my heart at night a fresh leaf cooling lay.

Another treasure recently discovered is the artist Andy Goldsworthy. An environmental sculptor and naturalist who utilzes his natural surroundings to create his artform. I was so excited to share my discovery with my dad and he shared with me that he actually had gotten the chance to meet Andy several years back. I thought this excerpt from his documentary was pretty special:

Nathalie Kalbach said...

ahhh - love the pendant!!! Awesome!!!

denine zielinski said...

I love surfing around much fun stuff! That necklace is awesome...TFS!

Susan Beth said...

Love the prayer. And the dictionary! Amazing who are parents know, but I remember a post about your father's house, so I'm not at all surprised he knows someone like that Andy.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to do some Etsy hopping. The pendant is lovely.

Hope all is well!