My Creative Space

It was finally clean enough to take pictures..ha! I've been enjoying the quarterly issues of the magazine Where Women Create thanks to my blogging friend Lisa, and actually just requested the book (which the magazines are based from) Where Women Create from my public library. In the meantime I thought since my space was clean (I was serious about that) I would share some pictures of where it is that I spend my time being crafty. I have a very small space (approximately 8 ft x 6ft) just off of our living room, so I really needed my space to be functional but also wanted it to be pretty and full of the things that I love and that actually mean something to me and serve some sort of purpose as well. This is what I've come up with so far and it's worked out just of my favorite things about this space is all the natural lighting that I get from the window that is included in my little nook and that Zoey has a special place right within this space to create in as well.

My Craft Nook

A brief breakdown of my space:

1. Picture of my space taken from the living room. The wicker trunk in front of my small bookcase is filled with Zoey's trains and other toys, you can kind of see that I hung a curtain in front of my bookcase (this hides baskets of supplies: stamps, inks, stickers, adhesives, brads, gems, etc.) from this view and is open on the other side for easy access. The tall, skinny cabinet to the left of my bookcase houses bottled adhesives, resins, matte finishes and my Cuttlebug, Bind-It-All and jewelry making supplies.

2. Picture of a scale that I got from the bakery that I used to work at. I love it and it sits on my desk and is perfect for holding a tray filled with little bits of things that are somewhat newer that I want to keep out and about for the sake of use.

3. On top of my standing paper rack I have a metal basket that I found at one of my favorite antique stores that holds all of my punches and my Crop-A-Dile. Behind this basket my paint is stored in an old wooden coca cola bottle box. I got this tip from Erikia Ghumm (I LOVE her craft room so much!).

4. I found this metal star at a thrift shop and hung it on the wall to display some of my favorite vintage trims that I've picked up along the way.

5. View of my desk where I do most of my work. The wooden display shelf was also something that I got from the bakery - originally meant to display decorative plates - it's perfect for storing mini albums, loose art journal pages and much more.

6. This is just a cool vase that I found (again at my fave antique store) and I use it to store recent cards and tags that I have made.

7. On top of my secretary desk (more about that later) I have scraps of fabric, some of the mini's that I've made and I framed some of my favorite papers (by Anna Griffin) into cool frames and display them here as well.

8. Here is a shot of my secretary desk as well as Zoey's (the smaller on the right). I was so tickled to have found this small child's version secretary desk at flea market last summer and it's been positively perfect for Zoey. It's been awesome for the both of us to have a place to sit down together and "work." She loves the fact that she is included right with me in my creative space. My secretary desk is actually a piece of furniture that was given to me from my father. It's the one thing that as a child I remember really loving and being intrigued by (I loved all the little slots and drawers and hiding places in the inside of the desk), so I was beyond happy when my dad said that I could have it. There is a bit of history attached to it as was brought over from India by my dad's great grandfather who was a missionary there for quite some time. My dad's father was actually born that makes this piece all the more special to me.

9. Picture of my secretary desk opened (inside the shelves I have jars of small embellishments and inside the drawers I have adhesives and small tools. The longer two drawers is where I store most of my paper scraps. The standing slots house publications that I refer too often and project instructions/tutorials that I've created).

10. On the walls...

11. Another view from the living room.

12. Stickers, tags and labels I store in an office clip on my desk.

13. Had to throw another photo in here for this collage so this is yet another photo taken from the living room!

14. Top view of my secretary desk.

15. On top of my small bookcase is where I currently have my sewing machine and where I actually do my sewing as well. It's not the best set-up, but it's working right now until I find a sewing table that I absolutely love and that will fit in this space.

16. Hanging baskets store little bits and things above my small cabinet and desk area.

And here are some of my favorite crafty spaces belonging to others:
  • Erikia Ghumm's - love that her's is in a small attic and I looooooooooooove her ecclectic, bright and fun taste and I also share her phobia of any and all plastic storage containers!

  • Candace Stringham's - love that it's so small (the dimension's are the same as mine!) and that she's super organized...I love the idea of putting up chicken wire on one wall for clipping things to!

  • This girl has an adorable space and take a look at all her fabric here!

  • Shabby Scraps room is just so sweet, isn't it almost blissful? I'm not sure I could actually get down and dirty and into a painting project in there though...doesn't make me love it any less!

  • Tara Whitney's space is so open and organized looking and I love all the natural lighting that she has...and someday I will have some of my own library index card drawers!

  • One of my favorite artist's, Christine Adolph (who just happens to design product for Creative Imaginations) has a studio set up in her garage! Which I just find so cool, I tend to have these vision's of glamour when I think of people that I admire from afar and it's just nice to know that we're all just looking to carve out that special place that will be just ours...

  • And lastly...this video that Emily's husband did of her creative space is just priceless. I was laughing out loud and yes, I made Ethan watch it too...just for the sake of him knowing that I was not the only mildly insane woman out there who refer's to their husband as "dh" whenever on the internet.

And here is Zoey hard at work at her desk...


Karen said...

What a fantastic place to create!

StampinCathy said...

Fabulous area. Now we know where you create all your amazing projects.

Jody said...

I just knew you would have the coolest (is that still a word? lol) and funkiest creative space.
Just like your pages :)

Unknown said...

Love your space Jen! You have such perfect little touches of thing is just the right places. Beautiful!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

I so love the tour through your space- thanks for sharing!

Candace H said...

Wow, I love your space!!

diane said...

Your space looks so inviting. I love that Zoey can work write along beside you.

Thanks for the links to the other rooms. That video was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Jen!!! I would so love to creat in that space with all the vintage furniture! Beautiful. And I love that you have space for Zoey. That is important.

Take care till my next visit.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Emily's '' DH ''
is soooo funny!!! I love how he kept refuring to himself at the DH in the scrapbookers habitat! LOL

Thanks for sharing Jen!

vtpuggirl said...

What a beautiful space, and it's just so You! That's a big compliment I think!

Stacey Michaud said...

Such a cozy and warm space! No wonder you make great stuff!

A Fanciful Life said...

Thanks for sharing all the rooms. I love the Shabby Scraps space - it's like I died and went to heaven!

Unknown said...

I'mthinking I seriously need to do some spring cleaning and rearranging! Rubes needs her own space to create, I love Zoey's lil desk!

Stacy Milford said...

WOW Jen! Your space is so wonderful! TFS!!!

Micaela said...

The most beautiful creative space I have seen! Your including Zoey with her own special desk is the best.

Stephanie said...

Cute room! I got the stars locally in Chattanooga, but you can find them in places like this:

You're on my blog list now!

Unknown said...

Bwahhhhh!! I LOVE, LOVE your space! It looks so warm and inviting. No wonder your pages always come out great. I also love that you inculded a space for your daughter.