Over Spring Break I...

  • finished reading the book Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult

  • started reading the book The Trophy Wives Club by Kristin Billerbeck

  • taught two classes at my local scrapbook store and met some wonderful women because of it
  • went to a fabulous "Under the Sea" birthday party for a very special little girl named Ruby

Ruby's mom sewed mermaid tails for all the little girls at the party and you can kind of see Zoey's "tail" there when she is sitting in the rocking chair.

  • spent a day with my best girl, Zoey out on the town, we did a bit of special shopping (window + otherwise) and went out for dinner then went out for ice cream afterwards, just us girls (at the end of the day she asked me, "Did you know Mom, that I wanted you as a mama when I was a baby and did you feel me dancing in your tummy before I was born, because I was")

  • watched lots and lots and lots of basketball with Ethan

  • got started on my next project that will end up being another online class for my lss

  • made a really good vegetable lasagna, using no recipe

  • got this in the mail:

  • re-arranged Zoey's room, yet again
  • had fruit smoothies for breakfast several mornings, courtesy Ethan

It was a good Spring break here!

Vicky said...

Love your new Title line on the blog! And just how precious is Zoey's quote!!! Glad to see you stopped by the reader's blog, Carm will love to have your thoughts added to her site. Thanks. Sounds like a perfect spring break :)

Stacey Michaud said...

Oh, your daughter is so sweet! I love what she said about dancing in your must scrap that!

Anonymous said...

I love that bag!!!! You need to tell me where you got it! :D

Anonymous said...

What Zoey said about wanting your as a mommy before she was born totally pulls at the heartstrings!!! You need to scrap that!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great spring break! I love Kristin Billerbeck's books. She is one of my faves.