A Layout + Life Stuff

I was able to sneak in some crafty time this past weekend in-between visits to the park and trips to the gorcery store. This is a close-up image of a layout that I created using a prompt from one of my favorite scrappy sites. The prompt was collections and you were to scrap what it is that you collect. I'm not a big one on collecting anything really (not too many knick-knacks can be found here!), but I do own a lot of books and I always have (love to read, it's a must for me like breathing air I think!), so that's what my layout ended up being about.

Book Collector

Speaking of books...I'm in need of posting some of the books that are on my "to read list" soon. I've come across several as of late and have been adding them to my list of ones to request from the library.

It's been a busy week here. I've got a workshop scheduled next week at an area public library and have just finished the handouts for that and am getting them printed as I type (my boss at my local scrapbook store is the absolute BEST by the way, she's taking care of this for me!). This morning I just received my shipment of products from Creative Imaginations which will be used for the projects that we'll be doing at the workshop. Which means, I have a weekend of cutting up kits before me! I am so blessed to have had two friends offer their assistance for this of whom's husband I think is actually going to end up watching Zoey (along with his daughter) during the actual event, talk about a lifesaver! Also getting prepared for an upcoming Stamping and Scrapbooking show that is an annual event up here which I will be teaching make-n-takes at.

Fun stuff...all this and then of course other life stuff as well. Zoey's getting ready for her Spring performance for dance (she got her costume this week!) and has blocking to go to for that, dress rehearsal and pictures need to be scheduled. Both sides of grandparents and I think my sister and brother-in-law will be visiting for the actual performance so that should be a blast. Zoey is pretty excited about not only dancing on stage but knowing that so many people are going to be there cheering her on. Speaking of Zoey, she has a field trip this friday to the Animal Wildlife Center which I get to go along on, so that should be fun. She's been really busy with school stuff, last week they learned how to make maple syrup...they collected the sap and boiled it down and everything. They then had one day that they tested what they made at pre-k and had a snack of french toast with maple syrup. She made a little quilt at school by handstitching squares of fabric with a needle and thread and she now uses this quilt for her babies and puppies. She's also been planting some plants in pots and other containers and has been bringing them home for display here. Just hoping that I can keep them alive now, I am not one that has a good track record with potted plants!

I've had more dental appointments this week and have the luxery of knowing that there are many more to come...not a fun discovery but at least I have a plan now and know what needs to be done, so I guess that's something. I'm trying to decide whether or not I'll be staying on board the Steering Committee for MOPS next year or whether I'll just attend meetings. This is a pretty hard decision for me for some reason...this has been such a supportive group and I've really gained some life skills from being active within this group of women and I'm not sure that I'm quite done with that.

Anyways, hopefully I'll have some time pretty soon to post some pictures of Zoey in her ballet recital costume. I let her wear it once after she just had gotten it and now the trick is going to be be keeping it off her until the actual performance! It's just precious as can be, she is going to be a butterfly's really a sweet outfit.
Unknown said...

I love the book layout. That IS a hobby! And, it's one I enjoy as well:)

Vicky said...

Great LO from one bibliophile to another :)

scrappermimi said...

I am so loving that LO! Your pictures are fabulous!

Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous page, like your creative style. Followed your link from 2 peas today and enjoyed your blog space and that Marks Paper is looking really cool.