Northwoods Wildlife Center Field Trip

Wildlife Center

It was such a fun trip to the Northwoods Wildlife Center with Zoey's pre-k class on friday, I'm so lucky that I got to be one of the chaperones for the day. It's so neat when you discover something that is so close by and that offers so much to your community, both in service and education. One of the things that I was most excited about discovering regarding the center is that they are always looking for volunteers and in several different areas. We will definitely be taking advantage of that opportunity in the future. It was really neat for Zoey to get to see that there was a special place where injured (wild) animals are taken and cared for here in the northwoods. All she wanted to talk about after our visit was what happened to what animal and why they were there and would they be released eventually or remain at the center. The kids even got to look at x-rays of injuries that different animals have had and they explained what was done to help the animals in each case.

Wildlife Center

The gentleman that led the tour was just amazing and very thorough. I was impressed with the time that he spent with the kids and how much information he shared with them all. Zoey was very interested in the display of animal skulls, especially in seeing the differences between the teeth and jaws of the different animals.

Wildlife Center

And of course there were several different turtles there for viewing...there were some snapping turtles there too which I didn't get photos of.

Wildlife Center

Wildlife Center

There was also an aquarium filled with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. When the tourguide took one out and asked if anyone wanted to touch one, everyone backed away except for Zoey. Instead, she reached out and said, "I do!"

Wildlife Center

And she did. She does NOT get this from her age (and my current age) you would never see me touching any kind of cockroach.

So many animals and other interesting things that we were able to see, in the back they even had outbuildings that hold bear cubs which we weren't able to see as they hope to release them into the wild again...I didn't get pictures of everything, but I did get a close-up of this guy before leaving.

Wildlife Center

To view an amazing list of the animals that the animal center has treated and cared for, click here.
LUHS LMC said...

Neat photos! Hope you girls survived the drenching rains . . . Missing you and will see you soon!



Anne Thompson said...

Cool! I love the owl!!!

Jennifer Davis said...

and quarter sized HAIL!!!!!!! We miss you too Ethan, see you soon!

Jen and Zoey

Jen Martakis said...

Wow! What a neat place! Wonderful photos!

DebW said...

Great photos! Zoe is my new hero! I could never and will never touch a bug (or snake)! Bless that sweet, brave and uninhibited little girl!

vtpuggirl said...

Cool photos and what an adventure. I wouldn't touch the roaches either!

Stacey Michaud said...

Great photos and she is soo brave!

Unknown said...

what fun -- ilove places like that!

Patty S said...

what a fun field trip!
i had to chuckle at the cockroaches part - i was tested for allergies and i am allergic to cockroaches (why they test for that i don't know). i took my kids to a local science and discovery center they had a display area where you could touch the hissing cockroaches.... needless to say the kids thought this was hillarious - "mom - you can't touch the cockroach! you're allergic to them!"
you'll have to document how brave zoey was - you wouldn't catch me touching one either! LOL