Memorial Day : 2009

Spring Blossoms

We made the best of it here...Ethan arrived home from being out of town all weekend and my mom took off early this morning so the three of us (Ethan, Zoey and I) decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and our surroundings and took off to do some hiking and exploring.

Bearskin Trail

We drove a bit to the southern end of the Bearskin Trail and parked the car and we set out walking...

Bearskin Trail

there did come a point when Zoey decided that walking wasn't all that great and a bit later ended up hitching a ride on Ethan's shoulders.

Bearskin Trail

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, we only saw a couple other people out hiking the trail which was surprising, but kind of made sense as everyone was probably on their way home from the long weekend.

Bearskin Trail

Whenever there is water around we have to stop and throw in some rocks and twigs...


Super special day...we arrived home just before dinner time and to say that we were all tuckered out from the day's adventure would be an understatement. It sure did feel good to spend the day outside in the fresh air and to be all together. This is what I love about living where we do...the ease of getting out and doing something in the outdoors and taking in all the beauty that is around us.

Bearskin Trail

Getting to spend the last couple of days with my mom was a beautiful thing for me as well...I'm already missing her and counting down the days until her next visit. We were so busy that I didn't even pull out the camera! Sometimes I guess that is a good thing. I really needed to download a bit with the one and only person that I can do that with wholeheartedly, my mom. Thanks mom!

Truly ended up being a wonderful Memorial Day weekend here for us this year! Hoping the same for you...
scrappermimi said...

Your pictures are great and it sounds like a fun day! Glad you had a fun visit with your Mom!

Patty S said...

looks like you had beautiful weather. that's awesome that you can escape to nature :-)