Busy Times...

End of Year School Program

Today was the the end of the year preschool program for the parents of Zoey's preschool class. It was sweet...all the girls were dressed up like little princesses (this morning Zoey was concerned that she wouldn't get the "pink" all turned out alright as you can see) and sang songs and had some little dance moves thrown in here and there that went along with some of the songs. After their performance everyone dined on a lunch that was prepared by the kids which consisted of peanut butter and banana sandwiches, jelly and cream cheese sandwiches, melon, carrots, cucumbers, mini chocolate muffins, mini carrot muffins and some butterfly cut-out cookies with m&m's. =) It's been a really good year for her and part of me is sad to see it ending but I'm happy for the friendships that she's developed with these girls and especially am happy that this experience has been such a good one for her. I am really glad that we made the choice to send her to this small preschool program this year and now....Kindergarten, here we come!
Jen Mc said...

You have an ingoing kinder too... She looks beautiful in her pink dress!