Girls Rule..Boys Drool..

or in this case, Grandpas drool! Zoey and her Grandpa Ken (Ethan's father) have a pretty special relationship that consists of goofing around lots and having some (actually, quite a bit of) fun. Birthday's are no exception for this rule of silliness that they have going on. Zoey has a saying that she shares with her Grandfather every chance that she gets and it's "girls rule, boys drool" and he will promptly respond, "grandpas rule, girls drool!" to which case this conversation goes back and forth several times, sometimes (okay, most of the time) with Zoey huffing away with her hands on her hips (yes, she can be a bit sassy at times).

Grandpa Ken had a special birthday gift for Zoey this year...don't they both look so sweet and innocent? Don't let that look fool you!

Special Gift from Grandpa Jeep

Did you notice how he spelled out his special note on the package? "Hap-E-Br-Day to Z" and you have to appreciate the duck-tape wrapping job.

Tricky One...

Things had the potential at this point to deteriorate pretty fast (duck-tape can be a tad bit frustrating for a five year old to deal with apparently) so we (the girls) hinted at possible tools that could be used to open this package a bit easier.

From Grandpa

Luckily we overcame that obstacle, now to getting to the good stuff of actually finding out what possible amazing thing was actually enclosed within this package.


What the Heck is This?

Do you see the look on that face? Enclosed in this ever so carefully wrapped gift box was a tile that Grandpa himself wrote on with black magic marker (I think it's safe to say that duck-tape and black magic markers are things that a grandpa must always take advantage of using whatever the occasion). It says "Grandpas Rule."

Thank goodness for the payback of zur-burts!

Zirbert Time!

Zoey and Grandpa Jeep

And so marks the beginning of celebrating Zoey turning five. Today we had a little birthday celebration with Ethan's mom and dad which consisted of a fun lunch at Hoggie Doggies (the best place on earth to get burgers and fries and cream!). Afterwards we came back home for some birthday cake and to open a couple of special gifts.

Now, we're gearing up for her birthday party that's going to be on Friday that will be with a couple of her girlfriends. It's going to be loosely themed around fairies and today (after all the birthday festivities) we went for a hike and collected little bits of nature into a basket that her friends can then use to make into fairy houses of their own to take home after the party. I am so excited and she is too...can't wait to share some of the party pictures with you!
betsy (pharmgirl) said...

That face is hilarious! tooooo funny. I love the look of your blog, and your projects are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

What a sweet post! How special to have that fun with a grandpa. My little one adores my dad, and although she's only two, I know that we will love watching their relationship develop. I hope Zoey has a wonderful birthday weekend!

Vicky said...

You just have to love guys and their duct tape :) Does your father-in-law have these books - Ductigami: The Art of the Tape by Joe Wilson or The Jumbo Duct Tape Book by Jim Berg & Tim Nyberg. And a very Happy Birthday to Zoey!

Stacy Milford said...

too funny! have a great birthday party weekend with DD!