And It Was (a Happy Fourth!)

We started out our little family celebration by getting the bikes ready to go and we biked the Bearskin Trail downtown to watch the parade.


I didn't bring my camera this year (gasp!) just because I wanted to enjoy and be present with my family. Were there times that I had wished that I had brought it along? Yes. Like when a beautiful Bald Eagle flew down at the start of the parade and flew circles above the crowd, right after two World War II fighter planes flew sure would have been nice to get some pictures of that yes, but I was there getting goosebumps and tears in my eyes along with everyone else in the crowd instead.

After the parade, we went home for a picnic dinner and had fun with some fireworks that Ethan had picked out. Zoey of course (as I) loved the Pop-Its.



After the supply of Pop-Its were exhausted (there were 150 of them), Ethan got to lighting the "big ones" which Zoey just loved! They were of course, pretty puny...but Zoey was cheering her Papa on shouting "again, Papa...again, Papa!" after each one went off.





Zoey didn't stay awake late enough for the big fireworks...but Ethan and I were able to see some of them from our porch above the trees. It was a perfect evening. A very nice Fourth of July.
Nathalie Kalbach said...

How fun- love the first cute photo of Zoe!!!

DebW said...

you know, you can always take the camera along and opt out of taking it out of the bag! Glad you had a good 4th-I did too!

Vicky said...

For the 4th, I brought my camera and actually made my husband take my picture for a change! Love the 1st pic of Zoey too :)