Seems like I've been super busy lately...last night I couldn't sleep just because I was going through all the things that I need to do and I was for the life of me trying to figure out how it was that I was going to fit it all in and still get sleep, see my family and have a smile on my face. The list just keeps growing and society tells us that we can have it all so I just keep getting caught up in trying it seems. I've been re-organizing and working a bit on my list of proirities vs. those things that are ultimately "fillers." For me, time has always meant more than tangible things. Time spent doing something that I love, reading words that I love, engaging in passionate conversations with those I love and spending time with those I love and care about is what makes me remain me. The "me" that I can look at in the mirror and feel good about. When things pick up in pace and those small little pockets of time get cast away to the wayside I lose my focus and things get blurry and my list of things that are important get replaced at times with things that others deem important. Not cool. Not cool at all. Going to try and make a point to re-group here and concentrate on what it is that will bring goodness to my family as well as to myself.

This evening after dinner I was craving a trip to the library. Yep, craving. Is that strange? I had been thinking about getting myself to the library for over a week now (just the fact that I had been thinking about this for over a week means things have gotten a bit wonky on the over-scheduling front here I think). Tonight was the night. Ethan was doing the dinner dishes and Zoey was watching a Veggie Tale video and I took off with my empty library bag and drank in my momentary freedom. I returned home with a bag full of books (lots for myself, and some for Ethan and Zoey too) and a bit more perspective on life. I guess you could say that I found myself again while walking through all those ideas and words and quiet. I love libraries...I need a bumper sticker that reads that I think.

So, here is to being "found" if even just for a moment's time. And I will call that friend that I have been meaning to call all summer this week. Even if it's just to say that I want to get together but can't commit to when it is that I can, and to just let her know that I've been thinking about her...because that's the stuff that's important.
Anonymous said...

This is so very true! Thank you for sharing this post...I think alot of us always feel like we are trying to catch up. We need to slow down, and know that we are caught up. :)Every minute is precious.

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Libaries are an amazing place ! Have a wonderful "found" time :)

Sarah said...

I totally agree ith this. It is hard to have "found" time. The library is one of my favorite places ever. I can get lost in there.

Stacy Milford said...

wonderful post...saw your mini album in the latest CK mag...very cool! :0)

Lori Gentile said...

Awesome post! I struggle with the same things. I really couldn't agree more. Experiencing life, really living it in the moment, is what it's all about.

I love the library, too. I do not think that's weird, at all.

Anonymous said...

I used to love Tuesdays when the chicks were younger. That was our libary day. Now they are all older and we go when the books are due.

thanks for the reminder.....I'll be calling a couple of friends today.