Weekend Fun...

Lake George

We went to the cottage today at Lake George so that Ethan could mow the property and were surprised to find that Ethan's Uncle Jay and Aunt Pat were there with their grandson who we've figured out would be Zoey's third cousin (whom she's never met). Ethan mowed and Zoey and Conner got to know one another by getting out the fishing poles.

Lake George

Zoey got a snag right away and Conner stepped right in and took care of her...

Lake George

It was so cute to see these two together...and to see them having fun together at the cottage nonetheless. This piece of property has been in Ethan's family now for quite some time and he remembers playing with his cousin's every summer here when his grandmother and grandfather were still living.

Lake George

Shortly after this photo was taken the kids decided to do a bit of fishing off the dock...that's when the fun started! One of Conner's shoes ended up in the water and was floating away (they were crocs so they didn't sink), I tried to reach them but the waves carried them out pretty far, and fast. Aunt Pat ran and got a tennis racket (not sure what she was thinking there) and Conner ran to get his Grandpa Jay (Ethan's Uncle) who quickly came to the rescue by rowing the boat out and retrieving the shoe in all but 5 minutes time.

After that adventure the kiddos stuck to land and had some fun swinging. =)

Lake George

Such a fun and unexpected visit with family!

Lake George
Nathalie Kalbach said...

These two are too cute together. Love the photos of their interaction!

Vicky said...

What a nice surprise for ya'll. And a gorgeous day to boot! Great action photos!

Emma Hand said...

these are great photos!!