From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Hannah Montana...

I rented the new Hannah Montana movie for Zoey the other day and watching her watch the movie was something else to say the least. The entire time she had this shy, goofy little smile on her face. Halfway through the movie Zoey looked at me and asked me if Hannah Montana was going to marry the boy playing opposite the Hannah Montana character (the main love interest in the movie, if you can call it that at this age). I replied that I didn't know and then Zoey looked at me all shy like and said, "He's kind of like Nick isn't he?" Nick is my much younger (in high school, and thus very fun and cool to a 5 year old) step-brother from my mother's present marriage. I giggled and said yes, I guess so and then Zoey got all embarrassed and dug her toes into my ribs. It was hilarious! It's the first time that I have ever caught a glimpse of the true girlie-girl, lovey-dovey stuff from her! Of course I then had to call my mom right away and share that her granddaughter seems to have a mild crush on her step-son. She laughed and then shared that the following conversation took place (unknown to me!) between Bailey (my sister) and Zoey when Bailey was visiting us here earlier this summer.

Zoey: "Bailey, do you know Harry Potter?"
Bailey: "Kind of."
Zoey: "Are you going to marry him?"
Bailey: (laughing) "No, I don't think so!"
Zoey: Are you going to marry Nick then?"
Bailey: (laughing harder) "Nope!"
Zoey: (All serious and grown-up like) "Okay, I think I am."

Oh my mom re-assures me that this is all just fine and dandy and I am reminded of my own little crush that I had on my counsin Scott that was once upon a time and long since over. =) Fun times are ahead for sure!

As I am typing this Zoey is spritzing her hair with a water bottle, brushing it and putting hair clips in. Ack! Am I ready for this?


Yesterday was Zoey's school picture day so of course I took some pictures before leaving home! She looks so grown up this year and yes, she took that hot pink goofy worm thing (that she calls Figgy) with her to school. It matched her headband after all! ;)


It was also the day that we filled out forms for school, found out who her teacher will be and who will be in her classroom. I can't explain how it is exactly that I felt, it was almost surreal. She was so excited and was positively beaming the entire time that we were there. I was so proud of her, so proud to be her mama and so excited for her myself. There are moments when being a mom just feels like the most amazing thing that I could ever be and yesterday was one of those moments. I can't help but wonder what I would be like right now if I was not Zoey's mother...she has shaped me in a way that is beyond any change that I think I could have manifested on my own. She has built me up and torn me down in just the right places and ways I think, if that makes any sense.

Forward marching on to what lies ahead, with pure joy in my heart.

And from the Hannah Montana Movie (the song that Zoey's been singing non-stop):

Anonymous said...

too cute!! goos luck zoey! anne

KarenSue said...

too funny!
my dd's 'boy craziness' started this early also...

Patty S said...

aw, so cute!
and some advice from my sarah (who declared this when she was about zoey's age) to her aunt that was going on a date: when you kiss him, if fireworks go off, that's the guy you're supposed to marry.
(this was when she watched lots of disney princess movies)
enjoy your little girlie girl!
hugs, patty :-)

Patty said...

Zoey's going to be a heartbreaker Jen! She's so adorable!

Sarah said...

What a cutie! I agree with your mom comments. It's the most amazing job in the world (most of the time!) I can't wait to hear about Zoey at school!