Guess I'm a Soccer Mom!


Soccer just started for Zoey here...this is her first year participating in the Greater Lakeland AYSO Program. This is also Ethan's first year volunteering as a coach.


It's been super fun watching her run around on the field and watching Ethan work with the kids. At this age it's mostly just about having fun and figuring out the basic concept of the game.


That said, everyone on the team is dead set on getting their ball in the goal to score!


There are no goalies for this age bracket (which I am thankful for...hopefully no broken noses this year!) but Zoey was a bit disappointed as we had been practicing with her and sharing with her what the goalie's job is, etc.


Another cool thing is that all the kids on her team (just five other little ones) are going to be attending her school this Fall.


Here they are doing a dribbling drill...I was pretty impressed at how they all were listening and working together!


Their first game is this Saturday, I can't wait!
Patty S said...

the proverbial soccer mom, eh?
i've only been a softball/baseball mom myself ;-)
hope zoey has a fun season!

Linda Rodriguez said...

LOL on the "soccer mom" comment! Great pictures; she's adorable! Hope she has fun and does well at her first game. :)

Stacey Michaud said...

I bet you are the coolest soccer mom on the field!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

such fun photos- lol- I love the how cute she looks playing soccer. So funny that soccer is a big girls sports in the US- while in Old Europe it is traditionaly for centuries a boy's sport. (I love to play to and was always the only girl!)

Diana Waite said...

welcome to the world of soccer! :) I LOVE it!

Kathy said...

I am a first time visitor to your blog but couldn't leave without saying how much I like it. I will definitely be back - have a lovely weekend and enjoy the soccer game!

Vicky said...

Go! Zoey! Hope you all have fun Saturday! Plus, kudos for Ethan for taking on the roll of volunteer coach, Yay!

Anonymous said...

oh those pictures bring back memories of when my little guys started soccer at 5 and I coached, now the "baby" is starting freshmen soccer on Monday--time flies! anne

Sarah said...

How fun! My little one did soccer camp this summer and loved it. I hope Zoey has a great season!

Linda Beeson said...

Is that a new banner - LOVE IT! Wow on that cute little face you captured in the first photo.

Dawn said...

That soccer game looks like so much fun! Great photos, too!