Saturday Soccer

Soccer Game

It was a freezing day here for a soccer game (mid 50's) but the game went on despite the temperature and the continuous drizzle of rain. The weather did not seem to bother the kids at all and it was a fun game to watch. It's fun to watch the team play now that they know each other a bit better...they definitely have their little attitudes now and at times think they are pretty "big" stuff out there on the field.

Soccer Game

Zoey had fun playing at this one too because my mom was here visiting so she was able to show off her skills a bit... =)

Soccer Game


And when it was time for Zoey to come out of the game to let in a sub, having a grandma there with a warm blanket was pretty cool...

Soccer Game

but I think it's pretty safe to say that the cocoa with whipped cream afterwards was the best of all.

Cocoa After Soccer
Patty S said...

look at the hats and blankets!
it is HUMID here today... i keep waiting for a breath of fresh air (but not hat and blanket weather YET!).
looks like zoey is having a good time with that drink!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

LOL - so cute pictures! i can't beieve it is that cold at yours! wowsers- although it definetly gets colder here now too.

Vicky said...

Way to hussle, Zoey, you go girl! Great photos, so bright on such a dreary day :)