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After School

Right now I'm enjoying a glass of red wine and listening to Joshua Radin's song When You Find Me. Got up early (5am is early for me!) and worked the Paper Studio booth at the Rhinelander, Wisconsin annual Fall Scrapbooking + Stamping Convention today. Had an absolute blast, I am so thankful for the opportunity to work at Paper Studio and to be able to share my passion for paper arts in the manner in which I do through teaching make-n-takes, classes and getting to go to shows, etc. Truly has been a great ride that I look forward to continuing. Sure does help that the people that I work with are an amazing (and incredibly fun) bunch! Thanks Micaela, Grace, Gerry, Patty, and Misty! You guys are just so awesome and I am a richer person because you all have crossed my path in this life. =)

Zoey had a birthday party to go to today which Ethan dropped her off at, this was the first one that she went to without having one of us there with her and she did just great. The theme of the party was "camping" and when I got home this evening she had chocolate smeared on her forehead, and on her mouth and had a big old bag (one that was made to look like a backpack) filled with camping themed goodies including her very own flashlight, magnifying glass, things to make smores with and more! Sounds like (and looked like!) she had a blast. She's growing up so fast and into such an amazing little person. Often times I look at her and just wonder how it is that she can be the amazing and complex little person that she is. I am so lucky. We are so lucky. Looking forward to spending some quality time with her tomorrow.

And because I am obsessed with Joshua Radin as of late (and because I'm on my second glass of wine), for your weekend listening enjoyment:

DebW said...

Those glasses are a hoot!!

Vicky said...

How cute! Just look at that all knowing smile now that she's in school :)