Finally Friday (or the Week That Threatened to Kick My Butt)

Seriously crazy week here for me. There was not one day that I wasn't completely exhausted and in bed by 9:30pm. Actually last night I was still baking at that time (it was Zoey's treat day at Kindergarten today and it was for Johnny Appleseed Day, which of course meant baking a little something with apples).

Zoey has now started ballet (this will be her second year) and that is one day a week (this was our second week of that). I pick up another little girl and take both Zoey and her to dance class right after school which has been working out nicely. It's been fun for Zoey to get to go with a friend. The start of ballet means the end of soccer.

Last Soccer Practice of the Season

Last Soccer Practice of the Season

We had our last soccer practice this week (last night, before my baking spree in the kitchen) and her last game is this weekend. I have to say that it's actually a tad bit bittersweet now that it's ending. At the start of it I was terrified that I had gotten her into something that was going to be painful for all of us involved but now she's out there and actually having fun, working together with her team, she's made some special buddies and has grown yet even more and pushed those life skills to the test yet again. So proud of her for sticking with it (proud of myself too for not pulling her out of it!).

Last Soccer Practice of the Season

Last Soccer Practice of the Season

There was a time that if she was on the ground like that (above photo) I would have been right there in a second...I've learned to wait it out a bit and let her figure it out. And I've discovered that she does (figure it out), eventually.

Last Soccer Practice of the Season

I really love her team too, they are such a fun mix of kids and each one brings something different to the table.

Zoey's got mid-week bible school every other week now that started this month and that's been going well. I've been helping teach her class too which has been fun and it's been good for me as well as for her. This last week's class we talked about letting go of our wants and needs and handing them over to God. Everything is up to Him after all and when something isn't answered in the way we think it ought to be, we just need to remember that there is a reason and He will show us that reason eventually, we just need to trust in Him. I so needed to hear that this week and I almost started to cry in front of all those little kids. Gentle reminders are sometimes (most of the time actually) a really big deal.

MOP's has started up again and this year I am participating as just a member and am not acting as the Creative Activities Coordinator. I have to say, it's nice to just sit and enjoy the meetings now rather than be stressed about all that I prepared and may have forgotten to prepare for. It was super fun to be a part of the Steering Committee, but it was time to pass on the torch (after two years) and take a seat elsewhere. I'm really excited too about the year ahead, our coordinator has planned some beautiful things for us this year and has taken great care in making this group a comfortable and safe place for women to gather and share and support one another. Yes, that's you Betsy, thank you! =)

Zoey just got back her school pictures today and I have to say that I just am in love with that smile and sparkle in her eye!

Kindergarten School Picture

If you knew what she was doing to that poor photographer you would be amazed that any sort of "normal" photo came to fruitation. She was seriously being a ham that day, making faces, laughing, jumping around, just being her silly little self. The photographer would say, "Okay, stand up super tall!" and she would then raise up on her absolute tippiest of toes and then he'd say, "Well, get a bit lower now." and then she crouch way down...and this went on and on and on, the poor guy didn't know what to do and was stressing I think that we (the parents) were going to be upset and all I could do was laugh. Once the photographer realized that we just wanted her to be who she was and didn't need that perfect shot, he loosened up a bit and had some fun too. I've never been one of those people who is after those forced posed shots, so this one just makes me smile.

So now it's the weekend and I have one day of work and one day of rest. Going to sneak in as much rest as I can on that one day I'm thinking!
Jody said...

No wonder you love that photo...she has the most infectious little smile.
Just darling :)

sally said...

ohhh Jen...I just love love love your post today!! Love all the pics of your sweetie, and I love all of your sentiments!! (I would sooo be the mom blubbering in front of the kids' bible class!! in fact, i do that frequently!!! LOL!!) tfs!!! I hope to come and visit your blog a lot more often!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, what sweet pictures and a sweet life you have, enjoy every minute, trust me it goes SOOOOO fast! (OK, enough sounding like my mother) anne

Vicky said...

Wow! Compare these soccer pics with last months, Zoey is in control now :) Darling school photo! And yes, some weeks are like this but don't ya love 'em ;)

DebW said...

Love all of the photos! She's getting so big!!

Sarah said...

What great thoughts of soccer, giving things to God and school pictures. What a great lesson to teach little ones about giving things to God. Maybe when they are my age they'll be better at it than I am!

You have inspired me to maybe think about letting my guy try a sport in the spring. I've been worried it would mess up our family life too much. Maybe it won't. I love that school picture! It should be on their advertisement b/c it's just perfect!