Here are some photos from the first day of school for Zoey this year. She was so excited, so brave and so grown-up. I was the one that had issues with her leaving, but I too was very brave and didn't let on (at least that she could see anyways!).

First Day of Kindergarten

She's been having good days at school this week, she likes her teacher and loves her new friends from her classroom. She's really in a good group of kids I think. There is one boy in particular (who also happens to be on her soccer team) that has been pretty sweet to her. She shared with me that he latched her lunch bag to her backback for her so she wouldn't have to worry about keeping track of it the other day. =) What a guy!

Kindergarten Collage

There's also a little girl who just so happened to be wearing the same headband as Zoey one day and now they are calling one another "my twin" and from the sounds of it, play quite a bit together when it's free time.

Kindergarten Collage

I am really pleased with our choice to send Zoey to the school that we did because pretty much all of her friends from Pre-K last year (different school) are now here, she knows lots of kids from being in MOPS with me over the past few years and even though most of the kids she knew prior to attending Kindergarten ended up not being in her class, she does get to see them out on the playground at recess and at lunch which is a pretty cool thing. Her world is getting so much bigger, I am so happy for her.

Kindergarten Collage

Almost finished up with her first week of Kindergarten! It will be nice to have the longer three day weekend to get her all rested up for week number two!
Nathalie Kalbach said...

how fun! It is amazing to see how quick they grow up, but don't be sad, it is a new phase that is going to be so wonderful to live through!

Vicky said...

She is adorable! I LOve her outfit, so grown hoo! :)

DebW said...

Great photos, and wowee is that a big backpack! Hope she brings home lots of art work for you to display!

Patty S said...

aw look at her! she is so cute :-)
(love that little story about the lunch box buddies!)
enjoy, jen! it goes so fast.
patty :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad she had a great first week of Kindergarten! It will get easier...for both of you. :)

Linda Beeson said...

I love her hair like that - so adorable.