Powerful Book + a Giveaway by the Author!


I ordered this book by Brene Brown earlier this summer from Amazon and just the past week or so I started reading it and I have to say that there are several if not more pages that I've folded over and dog-eared in that way that I do to those books that say things to me in a way that make them seem as though the words and ideas were just meant for me and for me hear and to understand and to grasp in some huge and important way that would make sense if not now than at some critical point along further down my path. There are stories (sometimes painful stories) shared in this book by several different amazing and powerful women and when reading them I sometimes find myself taking in deep breaths and letting them out ever so slowly and then feeling better. Better about who it is that I am and better about those things that have come up in my life (that come up in many women's lives) that I just didn't quite know what to do with or how it was that I was to deal or simply cope. I'm trying to pace myself with this book as there are excercises involved and places for reflections to be made and I want to make the most of it and let it roll around in my brain as well as reside in my heart for a bit. If you would like a chance at winning a copy of this book for yourself be sure to check out Brene Brown's blog today as she is going to give away three copies of the book on wednesday. All you need to do is leave a comment and you will be entered into the drawing.
Unknown said...

Ohhh looks interesting

scrappermimi said...

Wow, make me want to go right out and get it! LOVE that mini too...fabulous!