Minocqua, Wisconsin

Minocqua, Wisconsin

Found this ariel shot of Minocqua posted on Flickr...we are known as the island city. Mostly because our downtown is surrounded completely by Lake Minocqua and connected to land only by a bridge, a trestle and a narrow isthmus. I love pretty much everything there is to love about this place. So much untouched beauty in these parts. It's truly a special spot here in Wisconsin, so lucky to be able to call it home.
Mary Jo said...

What a gorgeous photo! Looks like a lovely place to call home =)

Sasha Holloway said...

the photo is amazing .. WHAT A GOOD SHOT .. awesome .. sounds like a pretty nice place ..


Sarah said...

What a beautiful place! Isn't it nice to love where you live? What a blessing!

ellen s. said...

that is gorgeous!

Vicky said...

It's amazing, how blessed we are to have something so beautiful!