Right Now She...


  • is very particular when it comes to how she will wear her hair (this morning her request was tiny braids on each side going to the back tied with a ribbon and the rest of it down, long)
  • loves it when I make her lunch for school and when I cut out the sandwich into fun shapes (so far she's had hearts, bears, butterflies and a flower)
  • is very concerned about days that she has computer lab or art at school. Regarding the computer lab issue, we're just making sure to have her practice her finding her letters on our keyboard here at home and art...well, that's a whole other issue (and post).

    Water Dance
  • is making a point to reach out to me more again. The first couple of weeks she was little miss independant and now she is missing me more and needing some hugs and special times with mom again. I have to say, that I am enjoying this.
  • makes the comment almost every day how she and I are "country girls" and then will say, "right mom?"
  • wants to be a dance teacher when she grows up, she just told me that this morning but also has said that she wants to open a bakery with me and she'll bake all the cookies, I'm supposed to sell them and then Ethan is going to eat them!

    Water Dance
  • creates little works of art on a million pieces of paper...every single day and then proceeds to scatter them about the house. Right now there are masterpieces on the kitchen counter, the living room floor, on her art desk, on our bed, and on our printer table. We need to figure out some organizational remedy for this and soon!
  • is fascinated with komodo dragons, dinosaurs, the human body, female country music singers, dancing, books with no pictures, and fruit roll-ups (she got one from a friend at soccer practice this summer and asks for them all the time now and she wraps them around her finger just like I did when I was little and makes a big old sticky mess when eating them!).
  • is getting excited for Halloween and carving pumpkins but has been asking about when it's going to snow for about the past month or so!

    Water Dance
  • is big on fire safety (they are learning about this at school) and she shares with me what it is that you are to do in case of a fire.

    Water Dance
  • is trying to figure out what the difference between being a tattle-tale and being helpful (and safe) when dealing with playground issues at school. What a tricky situation that is! Gheesh!

    Water Dance

So much going on with this little girl these days, I was looking back at old photos last night and was realizing how fast all these little changes take place.

All the photos were taken late summer of this year...she and I had gone to the beach not expecting to go in the water (hence the clothing) but we had a slight change of plans as you can see!
Anonymous said...

this is darling, she's one lucky girl to have you for a Mom!! anne

Linda Beeson said...

What a really neat and thoughtful list. It says so much about who she is today - this will be fun for her to look back on.

DebW said...

Great post and fabuloous photos!!!