Third Annual Zoo Boo!

This was our third Zoo Boo since moving here, and if I'm understanding it correctly the year that we moved here was the first year that the Wildwood Wildlife Park hosted this event and I will say this, this year was by far the best! There were no lines whatsover before getting into the park (last year we were about frozen by the time we made it into the park) and there was so much more fun stuff planned for the kiddos this year too. Beyond getting to see the animals and getting treats there were games this year, activities, crafts, contests, demonstrations and more. Such a fun time...this is something that I look forward to every year!

She decided on dressing up as Raggedy Ann this year...she was waivering between choosing to be a fairy princess, Larry the Cucumber (from the Veggie Tales) or Raggedy Ann. I love that she chose Raggedy Ann. Perhaps because there was one year when I was little that I made the same choice! Also, this costume allowed for layers of long underwear to be worn underneath.

Zoo Boo!

I think that the highlight of the afternoon though was getting a lesson on how to use a lasso rope. Zoey marched right up to this gentleman and gave it her best and she ended up roping in that bale of hay and pulling it over with all of her 5 year old might!

Zoo Boo!

Zoo Boo!

Zoo Boo!

Zoo Boo!

There were of course opportunities to pose with some of the dressed up characters throughout the park, one being the gorilla that she was terrified of last year but didn't seem to phase her in the least this year.

Gorilla and Zoey

This guy wasn't scary at all...

Zoo Boo!

The past two years were quite a bit colder than it was this year and I always felt bad for the troll that was wading around in the water in hip waders, who again, Zoey was terrified of. This year though Zoey went right to probably helped that they didn't have scary music playing this year and that the troll wasn't moaning like he was in previous years.

Zoo Boo!

Super fun time was had by all of us, so happy that this event goes on here and that it's so close to home.

Zoo Boo!

It was kind of neat too, when I was getting Zoey ready with her make-up and costume, after applying her make-up she of course wanted to look at herself in the mirror. When she looked at herself she said "Oh, mom! You made my cheeks perfect circles! Thank you!" Her excitement about life and the little things that make it up just makes me so happy sometimes.


Zoey and Mama at the Zoo Boo

When asked what the best part was according to Zoey once in the car..."Getting to say Trick-or-Treat and to see what candy I was going to get." was her answer. She would not let go of that candy bucket, even when it was probably heavier than she wanted to let on. This was serious business after all! After the initial dumping of the bucket, she was organzing all her candy by kind...all the tootsie rolls in a line, all the suckers, candy bars, etc., etc. until our whole living room floor was a maze of different kinds of candies. And to think it's not even Halloween yet...

The Goods!

And for my dear family...the entire slideshow:

Sarah said...

That is the cutest costume! Looks like a fun event. Glad she had a good time!

Unknown said...

Great pics! We got there around 3 till 5, looked for you but alas you may have been gone. Still a swell time I agree and we'll hopefully see you for pics during Trunk or Treat!

Jennifer Davis said...

Yep, we got there right at 1 and were there until around 3. We actually saw you drive by on our way out! For sure we have to get pics of the girls together...I was sad we missed the annual photo at the Zoo! =)

Ronda Palazzari said...

she is so darn cute at raggedy ann. You did a great job with the makeup. What a great event to have so nearby!!!

lisa said...

How cute. What a fab costume and looks like you all had a great day xx

Amy said...

She definitely makes an adorable Ann!

Vicky said...

What a darling costume, great photos and the candy haul looks fantastic :)

karenw said...

perfect little round cheeks, so sweet, great job

Patty said...

Zoey looks adorable as raggedy ann. Did you make the costume? We were going to stop in and see what Zoo Boo was all about, but got back to Minocqua later than expected and decided against it. I would have liked to have seen the animals.

janis said...

she's soooo adorable!!!! i was wondering if you made the costume as well. glad to hear you had a fab family time!!!