i love her..i love her..i love her..


This morning was hurried and rushed and we were all running late. I had an appointment in another town to get to right after dropping Zoey off at school and she was being pokey and stubborn and I had too much to do myself to help get her organized and ready for the day. She was grumpy and I was too short with her. I was literally holding my electric tooth brush in my mouth brushing my teeth while packing her lunch for school. We made it to school on time and I just made it to my appointment and now I am missing her and wishing that our morning would have been a better one and had gone differently. Being a parent is such a mixed bag. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Anonymous said...

I've had many days like that, but it does get better! Just hug her extra tight when she gets home, all will be forgotten! anne

Sarah said...

I hate bad mornings with my little ones too. You are such a good momma though. Mornings like this make the good ones even sweeter.

Patty S said...

amen to that.
good thing we moms are great multi-taskers ;-)