The Christmas Spirit...

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

It's been hard for some reason to get into the holiday spirit of things here this year. I think partly it's due to the lack of snowfall and thus the lack of opportunities for skiing, playing in the snow building forts and snowmen and skating, etc. I really look forward to getting lots of snow this time of year and we've hardly had any so far. Really, really, really hoping and crossing my fingers for a white Christmas.

Today while I was walking into our local grocery store with Zoey gearing up for purchasing all of our special baking ingredients for our holiday treats and sweets I heard the sounds of a young boy playing old fashioned christmas carols solo on his violin. He was standing near the door with just his violin and case and was playing for donations to go towards helping out our local food pantry. I saw him and smiled a huge smile in appreciation and gave a little something from my purse and while I was walking away from him and down the isle towards the produce department I found myself having to blink my eyes over and over to keep the tears from falling down my cheeks. It was one of those moments where all those little bits and pieces that have been filed and stored away so carefully came out from where it is that they were tucked away and threatened to overflow. Pretty sure it was the Christmas spirit...and it found me in the busy flourescent lit supermarket where I was trying not to slip from the dirt and grime of boots that had trudged through all day and night before me. It was just one of those moments that catch you when you least expect them to and I'm thankful and all the better because of it.

After collecting our goods we returned home and spent the afternoon baking and listening to favorite Chistmas CD's (mine being Sugarland's recent release of Gold and Green and Zoey's was the Veggie Tales' The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree CD). When our baking was complete we went outside and played in the couple of inches (that might be pushing it) of snow that we do have and had fun. At the request of Zoey, I pretended to be Bob and she pretended to be Larry. For those that aren't aware...Larry the Cucumber is a pretty special guy (or vegetable) around here and has been for quite some time. We celebrate his birthday and he get's in trouble with or without Zoey and he get's cuddled with every single night without fail. My mom is actually making Larry some clothing for Christmas this year. We stayed outside until it was dark and our cheeks and chins were bright pink from the cold. It was truly a beautiful day and I am finally feeling it...I'm feeling like Christmas is on it's way and I've been truly reminded of what it is that I am thankful for and I feel it in my heart of hearts and it feels really, really good.

And here is our favorite song from the Veggie CD (you'll have to click on "play full song here" to listen to it in it's entirety). And for all you die-hard Veggie Tales fans out's Junior Asparagus that's singing. ;)

And from Sugarland's CD this is my favorite:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
I ran across your blog but I can't think why! I'm sure it had to do with a scrapbooking or handmade card search I was doing on the internet. I subscribed to your blog and have been enjoying receiving your updates with so many cute activities. Tonight I made the chocolate chip coffee cake you posted a week or so ago. It turned out great! Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

oh, those look super yummy! Can you post the recipe as well? You know me and my recipes!! thanks, anne

Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh we just love Veggie Tales! My girls have rediscovered their Silly Songs CD. :) I love your story about the little boy. How cool is that??? Yummy looking cookies too. Your photo is gorgeous!