We Love This Book!

Zoey and I went to the library after school today to return our huge bag of books and dvd's and to pick up the newest Junie B. Jones series of stories on CD. She is obsessed with the little girl Junie B. Jones and all of her crazy happenings...and I have to admit that they are pretty fun stories and the adventures that she finds herself in are very easily adventures that any five year old could relate to. =) In addition to today's Junie B. Jones score we picked up a newer book that I had read about on that seemed like it would be fun and I am happy to report that it is easily going to be one of our new favorites now for sure. All Kinds of Families by Mary Ann Hoberman is a very sweet story about how all sorts of things can be families...people, animals and buttons or spoons. It talks about how when you were born you made your mom a mom and your dad a dad...a grandma your grandma and so this part of the story Zoey interrupted me and asked, "I made you a mom?" And when I said yes, she was simply amazed and a lot a bit proud. It was really neat and probably something that kids really don't think about. What struck me perhaps the most though were the illustrations. They are simply amazing. You could easily spend five minutes on each page just looking at all the fun little bits that are included here and there throughout the book. The illustrator is Marc Boutamant, check out his amazingly fun gallery of work here.


Thank you so much to those of you that left sweet comments, sent emails my way, spoke up when we saw one another recently or gave a call regarding Zoey's little friend really meant a lot. We still are unsure of what the outcome will be regarding the possible move but Zoey's doing lots better with dealing with whatever may be. She knows that she is lucky to have had the gift of this friendship and is lucky to have other special buddies and many people who love her on top of that. Being little is so tough sometimes! So is being big! =)
Sarah said...

This book looks so fun! I'll have to check it out! I used to teach kindergarten and first grade and my favorite book series of all time is Junie B. Jones. I love her! I would get laughing so hard I would have to stop reading and my students would say, "Come on!" That probably says something about the kind of humor I like too. (;