Rag Curls (+ She is a Total Nutball, I Tell You!)

Rag Curls

First off the "Nutball" comment is a Junie B. Jones thing...for those that read! ;) Zoesie said that she wanted curls in her hair like mine so I ripped up an old towel to make some rags and tonight after her bath I tied up her hair and hopefully tomorrow morning she'll wake up with some rag curls! I remember my mom tying up my hair in rags for curls when I was just her age. I'll bet that my grandma did that to my mom's hair when she was little as well. Funny how things have a way of repeating themselves.

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Patty said...

How cute! Hope you post a picture tomorrow of how her hair turns out!

Kathryn said...


scrappermimi said...

How sweet is that!!!!!

Patty S said...

so adorable!!! :-)