Zoey's First Time Ice Skating!

Skating Buddies

Yesterday Zoey tried ice skating for the first time and it was pretty special because we got to meet her little friend and classmate that is moving away (her last day of school was Friday). Zoey is pretty sad and Ethan and I have heavy hearts about it too so getting together for a special good-bye was soooooooooo important. Zoey had me print these photos out right away yesterday and they are hanging beside her bed so that she can look at them before going to sleep.

Skating Buddies

After skating we went out for hot cocoa because that's just what you do when your done skating! =) There was another little friend that was along to say her good-bye's and share in this last hurrah with us which was nice as she is a good friend of Zoey's too.

Skating Buddies

Some little friends are just meant to be...and I know that this was one of them. Email addresses and contact information was exchanged and hopefully the girls will be able to stay in touch. I'm afraid that Zoey's going to be hit hardest when she goes back to school and realizes that her little buddy isn't on the playground waiting for her like usual.

Skating Buddies

Here is just a fun photo of our community snowman! Every winter the snowplow trucks form this giant snowman downtown and it just happens to be across from the ice rink. I remember the first winter that we lived here and saw it...we thought it was so cool!

Giant Snowman

Today Zoey is off of school due to a teacher in-service day and we were scheduled to attend a teacher conference this afternoon with Zoey's teacher but I ended up canceling and re-scheduling for later in the week because Zoey has a fever and is not feeling so hot today. I'm actually surprised that she's made it this far without getting the cruddies because everyone at school has come down with it, including myself. Thinking that tomorrow she'll most likely be home with me again. We'll see.

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Sarah said...

What a special day for a goodbye. I pray that Zoey finds another good friend very soon, and that she always remembers her time with the friend that moved. I hope she feels better soon too!